Meadow Lane Kitchen/Dining Room--Flashback Friday


This is my favorite room(s) from our Meadow Lane Renovation.  When we moved in the kitchen and dining rooms were separate, but we took out the wall between and put up a header to make these two tiny rooms a little bit bigger.
The kitchen after:
The kitchen had never been updated other than maybe fresh paint and wallpaper--and you can see it hadn't been updated recently.

These next two pictures are looking into the kitchen from the dining room.  You can also see the living room from the left hand doorway in the first picture.  Looking through from the kitchen to the dining room.
One of the first things we did was tear down the cabinets and wall between the two rooms.  The first couple of pictures are looking through the wall that was once there.  Here is how the kitchen was when we first moved in.  We used a utility sink to wash dishes, then dried them on the table.  We did have a refrigerator and microwave, so lots of frozen dinners and fast food.

Jake replaced the electrical and plumbing and then built cabinets.  We tiled the countertops, backsplash, and floors.  We also closed off the walk through--the door used to be in the corner that you see the lazy susans.  Tiling the backsplash took us 13 hours. 


We used a large travertine tile for the emphasis above the sink.  It has a lot of crystals throughout which is difficult to see without being right up on it.

I love how it turned out--much more room than originally.  The natural stone was just beautiful.  Jake did such an amazing job and it is definitely my favorite room in the house.  Here are some more after pictures.




Meadow Lane Downstairs Bedrooms -- Flashback Friday

When we first moved in to Meadow Lane, Jake and I lived in these two bedrooms until we could get the rest of the house finished.  We had a bed in one and a couch in the other.  We had a fridge and a microwave and that is how we lived for months. 


Meadow Lane was really dirty when we moved in and it is obvious that it hadn't been updated in a very long time.


The blue room is my all time favorite paint color.  It looked so good in this room, because of all the natural light.  I actually used the same blue color in our new home in my craft room and the laundry room.  I have found that the color needs natural light, because it looks like a dirty green color in my laundry room that has no windows.  It is crazy how colors can look so different depending on the light source.


Bluevine Treasury

I love etsy and all the wonderful, creative items offered.  These are a few of my favorites that just happen to be blue!


Happy Mother's Day

My very first mother's day!!  I can't wait to spend time with my daughter, husband, my mom and dad, and my mother-in-law.  We are having brunch.  I love getting together just to hang out.  On the menu--breakfast casserole, biscuits and gravy, bacon, and fresh fruit--YUMMY!


What did we get our mothers?  Begonias and Boston ferns.


My husband bought me a card and on the inside it has my daughter's hand print and also our dogs paw print--TOO CUTE!
Happy Mother's Day to you!!


Meadow Lane Upstairs Bathroom -- Flashback Friday Edition 2

Upstairs at Meadow Lane, the bathroom was dirty and disgusting.  Continuing to look at the green tiles and toilet lid was not an option for us.  Next to the bathroom, there was a door that led into a small hallway with a window at the end.  We decided to take out the wall between the two.  In order to put in a dual vanity, we took out the two windows.  We put in a sky light to make up for the natural light lost.


Jake built the vanity, so that it could fit at an angle.  We decided to tile the top with a white travertine.  The actual vanity was painted a dark brown, which contrast with the light tiles.  The shower and floor tiles are in between the dark brown and white. 

The shower curtain, I made out of curtain panels from Pier 1.  I just loved that you can see through them, but not completely which allows some light in.  The mirror wraps around the top of the vanity which reflects the light from the skylight. 



Moved In With Big Changes

We are finally in our house!  Yeah!  It is still a work in progress, but aren't most homes.  At least we are out of the apartment--no room for creativity there and you know how I love to be working on projects. 

I am currently a teacher and school is almost out for this year--2 more weeks.  I will not be going back in the fall, so I can stay home with little miss Adalyn.  Crazy excited to spend more time with her!!

She is almost a year old and we are party planning.  It will be such a gift to get our family together and celebrate her big ONE!

We also have so many projects or rooms that we are working on.  The one I am most excited about at the moment is my new craft room.  All the floors in the house have been refinished on the main floor and carpeted in the upstairs.  My craft room has the original beat up floors--which I love, so we are working on cleaning and clear coating them.  I just want it done so I can start organizing all of my goodies!!


Meadow Lane Living Room - Flashback Friday Edition 1

Flashback Friday to Meadow Lane Living Room.  When we bought this house the living room ceiling and a few of the walls were destroyed from water damage.  The prior owners had written on the wall and left everything in the house in disrepair.  Here are the before and afters for the living room.