Bring On The Spring

The weather has been so BEAUTIFUL the last couple of days.  Today it was actually in the 80’s – awesome.  I am just hoping the weather stays nice.  Flowers are starting to bloom and I am getting excited to get outside and start planting.  Thinking of planting, here are some amazing planters that I would love to have.  All are planters I found on Etsy.

Pumpkin Spice Ginger Jar by Doublemusepumpkin spice ginger jarConcrete planter circles Indoor/Outdoor and Awesome Concrete Planter-circle- by TortoiseLovesDonkey

Vintage Aqua Blue Pottery by BusyBreeVintage Aqua Blue Pottery  
Terracotta Stones by jjceramics
Terracotta Stones

Giant Ceramic Chalice by CropCircleClay

Yellow Floraline Bowl/Planter by HolyPotato
Yellow Floraline Bowl Planter
African Violet Ceramic Glazed Pot by flabbyrabbit
African Violet Ceramic Glazed Pot
Wooden Planter Poplar and Red Oak 

Wooden Planter – Poplar and Red Oak by ErdeDesigns

Oh-so-orange Floraline Vase by VoulezVousVintage
oh so orange 2


  1. Great items! I love the orange Floraline vase.

  2. Oh I like these! I would not mind having some to. I will have to have my wife check these out! See what she thinks.
    We live 7,000 feet up and just got more snow wish it was 80 here!!!

  3. What a great subject matter for your blog post! Thanks so much for including my Giant Chalice!