Our House Project

Only three months into our marriage, my husband and I decided to buy a house. We were living in an apartment that had two bedrooms and was rather small. We felt that we needed more room and also just wanted a place of our own. Like many couples starting out, we didn't have a ton of money to put towards a house, so we searched for a fixer upper.

The one we fell in love with was a huge fixer upper, brick and built in the 50's. Although the interior left much to be desired, we knew that this house had good bones. We closed on our house at the end of November and had one month before our lease was up in the apartment. This meant that we had only one short month to get our new house livable. Both of our parents told us that there was no way we could be living in the house in one month and they both graciously offered to let us move in with them. Not wanting that to be an option, we worked every possible moment on getting it up to par. All we really needed was a functioning bathroom-right?

We started going to work each day and rushing over to the house to work on it. The prior owners had let a roof leak go on for too long and it had ruined several of the ceilings and a few of the walls. They ended up repairing the roof, but none of the damage on the inside.
I will continue with this story another day, but will show some pictures of the damage. Hope you look forward to the before and afters.

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