Savoring The Here and Now

I love making to do list--it makes me feel like I will be more productive.  Even if I don't write the list down, it is always stored in my head.  I especially like "have done" list--not writing it down--but mentally going through all the things that have been accomplished.  This week I feel like I have been sidetracked  from getting any real work done.  Not at my job--I'm usually productive at work.  But at home, I feel like there are always tons of projects and to dos to get done. 

Photo by Mary Kate McKenna Photography
Yesterday after I got off work, my husband called and needed me to go to my parents to help him work on their roof for their new front porch.  This porch is going to be amazing.  It will stretch the length of their house--half enclosed and half open.  I can't wait to just sit on the front porch and relax with my family. 
Dad and I walking down the aisle
This reminds me of how sometimes we are so busy with all the piddly stuff in life to really just enjoy the day to day interactions.  While working together, we caught up on a lot and really shared some good times.  I'm always worrrying about what needs to get done and always have to remind myself that the here and now is really incredible.
I wish that I could look at every single minute of my life this way.  This is my new goal--Start Savoring The Here and Now! 


Rainy Day Arrangement

It is another rainy day here in Missouri.  Why is it that all you want to do on rainy days is stay in and nap?  My new plan is to gather items to help me venture out on the next rainy day.  These are a few of my favorite rainy day items found browsing online:

Yellow Rain Shoes by Tretorn
rain shoes
Totes Bubble Umbrella at Target.com

Merrell Amelia Textured Jacket at Zappos.com

Rainy London Day Bag with Umbrella by jecavintage
rainy day london red bag with umbrella


Saturday Open Houses

Today is a dreary rainy day--although I'm not complaining because it is much needed.  The ground has really  dried out.  I thought because it is rainy, it would be the perfect day to go to some open houses.  I love looking at homes--and not the really done up ones, but the ones that need lots of TLC. 

My husband and I walked through an old two story brick house built in 1928.  It is in dire need of a new roof.  In fact, on the top floor inside one of the dormers they actually had a huge plastic box full of water catching the dripping rain from the roof.  The plastic box couldn't have been any fuller and it was leaking into the downstairs living room ceiling.  I don't think it has been emptied in a very long time, because I can smell the mustiness of the stagnant water.

Besides replacing the roof and dormer, the interior needs a lot of love as well.  There are hardwood floors throughout that need to be sanded down and refinished.  In one of the upstairs bedrooms, they had actually just painted them black--no sanding or prep work had been done. 

The kitchen hasn't been updated in ages and one of the previous owners had painted the fireplace.  The painted fireplace was teal, brown and cream and when painting they had left the dripping paint dry.  It was awful.

All I can imagine in this state of disarray is the shear beauty that lies beneath.  The amazing architectural detailes, original windowsand wooden front door, the crown molding and all the nooks and crannies that could be transformed back to the pure glory of it's youthful days.  This house really has me begging to jump right in and get started.

Then I begin to realize that I am only looking today.  Another day, hopefully sooner than later, I will be looking to buy another diamond in the rough.


My Nephew’s Birthday

My nephew just turned 6 and he loves SPIDERMAN!  For Christmas he received what seemed like every little action figure that goes with the spiderman line.

I was babysitting him one day and trying to take pictures for my etsy shop.  He and I set up a whole play area in my craft room, so that he could play.  He was playing with his figures, when I noticed that he was intently watching me take pictures.  He wanted to get in on the picture taking, so we decided to pose his figures next to some of my items.  It was amazing how excited he got about this.

Here a few of the photos:


So last week was his birthday and I was at a lost as to what to buy him.  Until I stumbled upon the perfect beanie hat from perfectfitcrochet (http://www.perfectfitcrochet.etsy.com/) and I knew he is going to love it!  Can’t wait to see him wearing this around day and night!

spiderman beanie hat


A Beautiful Treasury For You To Enjoy!

Finally I snagged another treasury.  It has been a long time coming.  I love color and think that these items look perfect together. 

If you haven’t noticed, I spend a lot of time browsing Etsy.  I just wish I could buy one of everything. 

rainbow treasury


Loving The Tulips

What a BEAUTIFUL day! 

My neighbor was outside her house today working on her flower beds and I
decided to take the opportunity to snap some photos of her tulips. They are the
most amazing mix of red and yellow. This one is my favorite!


When I came inside, I googled tulips to see what I could find.  I found this amazing
photo--Cultivations of Tulips in South Holland--taken by Alessandro Vecchi.
Oh how I would love to live where there is a view like this.  Just stunning!
            tulip photo by

And then I remembered my trip to Amsterdam back in 2006.   Walking along the
streets in Amsterdam in the crisp morning, I enjoyed smelling these tulips. 
Although I am a little disappointed that I never had the chance to see fields of
tulips like above.  Hopefully one day that can be a reality. 


Retro Kitchen Wishes

I’m dreaming of a retro kitchen.  Without a major renovation, I’m thinking if I added a few key pieces, the kitchen could have a new look.  Not really a new look, but a cool retro look.  If I could afford to buy all of these amazing items, I would, but for now I am in the wishing stage.  These are a few of my favorite vintage kitchen items found while browsing Etsy: 

 salt and pepper shakers
Retro Yellow Salt and Pepper Shakers by thirdcoastvintage

citrus juicer
Vintage Retro Hutzler Orange Citrus Juicer Reamer Zester by VintageEye

egg container
     Vintage plastic egg container from Soviet Union by spacejam
red enamelware pans
Vintage Red Enamelware Pans - Set of 3 by SimplyStephy

diet scale
Vintage Chadwick Diet Scale by rhan
orange bowls
Vintage Orange Bowls by MaisysMarket

kitchen cannister drawers set

   Vintage Kitchen Canister Drawers by thesundaytimesmarket
turquoise sifter
  Vintage Foley Triple Screen Sifter by DimeStoreVintage
orange top spice jars5 Vintage Spice Jar with Bright Orange Stoppers by  RetroReality

recipe box
Lime Green Betty Crocker Recipe Box by YouAreYou

yellow plates and tray

Yellow VERA NEUMANN Tray and 6 Plates by OakLeafArt

red vintage mugs
Set of 4 Vintage Fired On Mugs by postroadvintage


Shape--Here I Come

For my New Year's resolution, like many, I planned on losing a few pounds.  At work, I joined about a dozen coworkers in a weight loss challenge.  We all put $10.00 in and at the end of May, the biggest loser gets the money.  I'm hoping that biggest loser will be me.  It isn't based on pounds lost, but rather pounds in relation to your body makeup.  So far I have lost 2 1/2 lbs. in 3 months.  To be honest, I'm not happy with that at all and I don't feel like I have lost anything. 

I'm going to start a new diet tomorrow.  I use the word diet loosely, because I don't believe in cutting everything out.  I don't understand how all these people can just not eat this or drink that.  It sounds like torture to me.  I believe in making lifestyle changes, like drinking skim milk instead of 2% or whole milk.  2 1/2 lbs. isn't going to get me the biggest loser award, so starting tomorrow I'm going to cut back on my sugar intake.  SUGAR is my biggest vice.  I love SUGAR!!  Notice how I didn't say I'm cutting sugar out--that will never happen.

My parents have been eating a lot healthier and have lost quite a bit of weight between the two of them.  I think they have each lost over 15 lbs. and they have been working at it as long as I have.  My whole family is going on a vacation to the beach this summer--Gulf Shores, Alabama--and if I am going to get in a swimming suit, cutting my sugar intake is going to have to happen ASAP.  I will keep you posted on my journey to a slimmer, fitter me.  Well I hope anyways!


Tray Obsession

My obsession with trays has been going on for as long as I can remember.  I am just always drawn to trays.   They are one of those pieces that can be moved around and always come in handy.  I have two wire ones on my kitchen counter holding my fresh fruit, one on my living room table with all the odds and ends that tend to accumulate in there, one on my bathroom vanity with my perfumes and lipsticks, one on my dresser with barrettes and jewelry, and I could go on and on.  So because of my obsession, I have decided to feature these beautiful trays that I would like to have from Etsy sellers.  Hope you enjoy!

Blue Swirls in a Fused Glass Dish by OmegaArtDesign blue swirls in a fused glass dish
Ceramic Art Pottery by EarthborneArt
Ceramic Art Pottery, soap dish, candy bowl, candleholder by EarthborneArt

Large Round Deviled Egg Tray by flyingpignc
Large Round Deviled Egg Tray

Crimzen Bamboo mosaic art glass serving tray CRIM-ZEN BAMBOO - mosaic art glass serving tray decorative dish by studiofresca
Rare early DANSK wooden tray or serving platter DANISH by Modern412
dansk vintage tray
Beautiful ceramic platter turqoise blue elegant lace pattern
Beautiful ceramic platter, turqouise blue, elegant lace pattern by FrankelArtworks
Arcadia Square Bowl by MaggieWeldonarcadia square bowl
 vintage georges briard regency serving tray
Vintage GEORGES BRIARD Regency Serving Tray (Mid Century) by harlowmonroevintage


Living Room - Work in Progress

In an earlier post, I talked about my living room and showed some pictures of how it looked before we started renovating it.  The living room was the first room we actually finished in our new house and when looking back at pictures, it was a huge improvement.  Although I’m not sure how when looking at the pictures you could have made it look any worse.

My husband did a really beautiful design on the ceiling and put up crown molding.  He also built a mantel around the existing fireplace that I think really makes the fireplace stand out.  We cleaned up the original hardwood floors, they are throughout the house.  We thought that we might have to do some work on them, but the only ones that need to be sanded down and redone are the ones on the second floor. 

We lived in the two bedrooms on the main floor for a few months after we moved in.  One of them we used for our bedroom and the other as our living room.  It was really cramped.  We gutted the kitchen before we moved in, so we had a utility sink set up and a refrigerator.  We ate microwave dinners and fast food the whole time.  We had plastic up around the shower in the bathroom and the toilet wasn’t secure to the floor.  
When we actually got one room done, which happened to be the living room, it was the most amazing feeling.  The feeling was short lived because we had to start working on the rest of the house.  We moved the living room furniture out of the bedroom and started working on that bedroom next.  I will show you before and afters of the downstairs bedrooms in the near future.  For now, I am posting the living room as a work in progress.  Please bare with me in the fact that the pictures are not of the best quality.

Below:  Living room ceiling after we tore it
P1010018          Above:  Living room wall that had all of the  
          water damage from the before pictures.

P1010027 To the left and to the right are pictures of the ceiling being put up.

P1010032 Above:  Ceiling in progress and walls repaired or redone.

                   Below:  Ceiling and walls painted.

Above:  windows and walls painted.

        Below:  Another view of living room finished.

                     Below:  Mantel being built.

P1010203                     Above:  Close up of the mantel.