Living Room - Work in Progress

In an earlier post, I talked about my living room and showed some pictures of how it looked before we started renovating it.  The living room was the first room we actually finished in our new house and when looking back at pictures, it was a huge improvement.  Although I’m not sure how when looking at the pictures you could have made it look any worse.

My husband did a really beautiful design on the ceiling and put up crown molding.  He also built a mantel around the existing fireplace that I think really makes the fireplace stand out.  We cleaned up the original hardwood floors, they are throughout the house.  We thought that we might have to do some work on them, but the only ones that need to be sanded down and redone are the ones on the second floor. 

We lived in the two bedrooms on the main floor for a few months after we moved in.  One of them we used for our bedroom and the other as our living room.  It was really cramped.  We gutted the kitchen before we moved in, so we had a utility sink set up and a refrigerator.  We ate microwave dinners and fast food the whole time.  We had plastic up around the shower in the bathroom and the toilet wasn’t secure to the floor.  
When we actually got one room done, which happened to be the living room, it was the most amazing feeling.  The feeling was short lived because we had to start working on the rest of the house.  We moved the living room furniture out of the bedroom and started working on that bedroom next.  I will show you before and afters of the downstairs bedrooms in the near future.  For now, I am posting the living room as a work in progress.  Please bare with me in the fact that the pictures are not of the best quality.

Below:  Living room ceiling after we tore it
P1010018          Above:  Living room wall that had all of the  
          water damage from the before pictures.

P1010027 To the left and to the right are pictures of the ceiling being put up.

P1010032 Above:  Ceiling in progress and walls repaired or redone.

                   Below:  Ceiling and walls painted.

Above:  windows and walls painted.

        Below:  Another view of living room finished.

                     Below:  Mantel being built.

P1010203                     Above:  Close up of the mantel.


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