Loving The Tulips

What a BEAUTIFUL day! 

My neighbor was outside her house today working on her flower beds and I
decided to take the opportunity to snap some photos of her tulips. They are the
most amazing mix of red and yellow. This one is my favorite!


When I came inside, I googled tulips to see what I could find.  I found this amazing
photo--Cultivations of Tulips in South Holland--taken by Alessandro Vecchi.
Oh how I would love to live where there is a view like this.  Just stunning!
            tulip photo by

And then I remembered my trip to Amsterdam back in 2006.   Walking along the
streets in Amsterdam in the crisp morning, I enjoyed smelling these tulips. 
Although I am a little disappointed that I never had the chance to see fields of
tulips like above.  Hopefully one day that can be a reality. 


  1. I just love tulips! One of my favorite parts of spring!

  2. That is a beautiful picture you took. I love the colors, the mix of yellows, oranges, and reds. Great job!