My Nephew’s Birthday

My nephew just turned 6 and he loves SPIDERMAN!  For Christmas he received what seemed like every little action figure that goes with the spiderman line.

I was babysitting him one day and trying to take pictures for my etsy shop.  He and I set up a whole play area in my craft room, so that he could play.  He was playing with his figures, when I noticed that he was intently watching me take pictures.  He wanted to get in on the picture taking, so we decided to pose his figures next to some of my items.  It was amazing how excited he got about this.

Here a few of the photos:


So last week was his birthday and I was at a lost as to what to buy him.  Until I stumbled upon the perfect beanie hat from perfectfitcrochet (http://www.perfectfitcrochet.etsy.com/) and I knew he is going to love it!  Can’t wait to see him wearing this around day and night!

spiderman beanie hat

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