Saturday Open Houses

Today is a dreary rainy day--although I'm not complaining because it is much needed.  The ground has really  dried out.  I thought because it is rainy, it would be the perfect day to go to some open houses.  I love looking at homes--and not the really done up ones, but the ones that need lots of TLC. 

My husband and I walked through an old two story brick house built in 1928.  It is in dire need of a new roof.  In fact, on the top floor inside one of the dormers they actually had a huge plastic box full of water catching the dripping rain from the roof.  The plastic box couldn't have been any fuller and it was leaking into the downstairs living room ceiling.  I don't think it has been emptied in a very long time, because I can smell the mustiness of the stagnant water.

Besides replacing the roof and dormer, the interior needs a lot of love as well.  There are hardwood floors throughout that need to be sanded down and refinished.  In one of the upstairs bedrooms, they had actually just painted them black--no sanding or prep work had been done. 

The kitchen hasn't been updated in ages and one of the previous owners had painted the fireplace.  The painted fireplace was teal, brown and cream and when painting they had left the dripping paint dry.  It was awful.

All I can imagine in this state of disarray is the shear beauty that lies beneath.  The amazing architectural detailes, original windowsand wooden front door, the crown molding and all the nooks and crannies that could be transformed back to the pure glory of it's youthful days.  This house really has me begging to jump right in and get started.

Then I begin to realize that I am only looking today.  Another day, hopefully sooner than later, I will be looking to buy another diamond in the rough.

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