Savoring The Here and Now

I love making to do list--it makes me feel like I will be more productive.  Even if I don't write the list down, it is always stored in my head.  I especially like "have done" list--not writing it down--but mentally going through all the things that have been accomplished.  This week I feel like I have been sidetracked  from getting any real work done.  Not at my job--I'm usually productive at work.  But at home, I feel like there are always tons of projects and to dos to get done. 

Photo by Mary Kate McKenna Photography
Yesterday after I got off work, my husband called and needed me to go to my parents to help him work on their roof for their new front porch.  This porch is going to be amazing.  It will stretch the length of their house--half enclosed and half open.  I can't wait to just sit on the front porch and relax with my family. 
Dad and I walking down the aisle
This reminds me of how sometimes we are so busy with all the piddly stuff in life to really just enjoy the day to day interactions.  While working together, we caught up on a lot and really shared some good times.  I'm always worrrying about what needs to get done and always have to remind myself that the here and now is really incredible.
I wish that I could look at every single minute of my life this way.  This is my new goal--Start Savoring The Here and Now! 

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