Tray Obsession

My obsession with trays has been going on for as long as I can remember.  I am just always drawn to trays.   They are one of those pieces that can be moved around and always come in handy.  I have two wire ones on my kitchen counter holding my fresh fruit, one on my living room table with all the odds and ends that tend to accumulate in there, one on my bathroom vanity with my perfumes and lipsticks, one on my dresser with barrettes and jewelry, and I could go on and on.  So because of my obsession, I have decided to feature these beautiful trays that I would like to have from Etsy sellers.  Hope you enjoy!

Blue Swirls in a Fused Glass Dish by OmegaArtDesign blue swirls in a fused glass dish
Ceramic Art Pottery by EarthborneArt
Ceramic Art Pottery, soap dish, candy bowl, candleholder by EarthborneArt

Large Round Deviled Egg Tray by flyingpignc
Large Round Deviled Egg Tray

Crimzen Bamboo mosaic art glass serving tray CRIM-ZEN BAMBOO - mosaic art glass serving tray decorative dish by studiofresca
Rare early DANSK wooden tray or serving platter DANISH by Modern412
dansk vintage tray
Beautiful ceramic platter turqoise blue elegant lace pattern
Beautiful ceramic platter, turqouise blue, elegant lace pattern by FrankelArtworks
Arcadia Square Bowl by MaggieWeldonarcadia square bowl
 vintage georges briard regency serving tray
Vintage GEORGES BRIARD Regency Serving Tray (Mid Century) by harlowmonroevintage

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  1. Beautiful photos! You take trays to an art form for sure!