Too Much To Do

Bajeeez--It feels like I have been so busy lately.  I'm a teacher and at the end of the school year there is always too much to do.  Today was the seniors last day, so finals, grading finals and trying to get all their paperwork finished. 

I've also been working on some much needed painting at home.  Throughout the year, I'm always accumulating projects that I want to get done during the summer.  I have this new obsession with buying old lamps and refinishing them to bring them back to life.  If I bring home one more lamp, my husband is going to kick me out of the house.  This week I have painted three lamps, two mirrors and am working on a new clock.  It feels good to finally get a start on some projects from my ever growing heap of things on my to do list.

Will post pictures of the finished projects in the near future.  This time I forgot to take before pictures--I really need to be more organized about taking befores and afters. 
Oh and 6 more days of school left!!

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