Apartment Living

  We moved into an apartment until our house renovations are finished.  Apartment living is something I didn't miss.  Kudos to everyone that has figured out how to find a place for everything even when there doesn't seem to be a place for anything else.  I feel like we have crammed all this stuff into a little space, like everything is covered with something.  And it is funny how it seems more difficult to clean these small spaces.  I will clean even just the table off and then a few hours later, the table is covered again.  Thank goodness our house will be finished in just a few short months.


Time Crunch

  Adalyn has been home from the hospital for 2 weeks now and we are getting into a routine.  She is already a month old, which is just unbelievable to me.  I couldn't ask for a better baby.  Although I could use a little more sleep, but it is all worth it to spend time with her.
  On top of trying to get into a routine, we also just sold our house and need to move into a rental in less than 2 weeks.  I have gone to look at several places, but it is so hard finding a place.  We also have a dog, who is like my baby, and many places won't allow pets.  My parents have said that they will keep him for that time, but it just breaks my heart.  So I'm also trying to find a place that will allow pets.  
  It could be any where between 3-6 months before the renovations are complete and we can move into our other house.  My husband is doing all the work on top of his full time job, so it doesn't leave for much family time at the moment.  I'm trying to get all of our belongings packed up, which is a little more complicated because about half the items need to go into storage.  So I really have to think about what we are going to need in the next 6 months, compared to what we can live without.
  Moving into a rental is something I'm really not looking forward to and has been the source of much of my stress lately.  I want to find a place that we won't throw too much of our money away on, but that also has enough room for us to be comfortable for the next few months.  I can't wait to move into our new home!


Adalyn in the NICU

  As soon as I was released from the hospital, I traveled to the other hospital to finally hold my new baby girl.  Oh my gosh what a feeling.  I couldn't believe that little angel was my baby.  She was so precious, but it hurt so much to see her hooked up to so much stuff. 
  When I arrived the NICU nurses were so welcoming and let me get my baby out to hold her.  She had tons of wires hanging off of her (heart monitors, breathing monitors, feeding tube, etc.).  She was so tiny and so beautiful.  I never knew how much love I could have for one human being.  It was the greatest feeling in the world and still is. 
  The next two weeks consisted of me getting up in the mornings, trying to complete a few chores at home, then traveling to the hospital where I would sit all day long.  At the hospital I would try to breastfeed her every three hours, pump, and then hold her while the actual feeding tube fed her.  We had to let her practice feeding and for the most part it just wore her out too much.  In the evenings, my husband would meet me at the hospital when he got off of work, where we would spend time with her and eat dinner.  He usually left to work on the renovations on our new house (this is a whole other post).  I would stay until 9 or 10 at night and then go home, where I would see my husband for maybe an hour before bed and the next day we would do it all over again.
  All I wanted was to take Adalyn home and be able to snuggle with her anytime I wanted.  It got really stressful always being around all of those people and trying to put on a happy face.  I broke down and cried many times, but luckily always when I was alone.  It was also really hard only getting to see my husband for about 2 hours each day.  By the end of it, I was so happy to start a new routine.
  Adalyn's goal was to be able to eat, digest, keep her own temperature up, and breath all on her own before she could come home from the hospital.  Everyday Ady got closer to her goal.  We were so fortunate that she always continued to improve and never seemed to fall back behind.  We heard stories from many about how long their little ones had been in the NICU and it really made us appreciate how lucky we were. 
  Finally 2 weeks and 1 day after Adalyn's birth, we got to bring her home from the hospital.  What an amazing and scary as hell time.
To be continued.............


Baby Adalyn came early

  On June 4th, 5th, and 6th, baby Ady's movements slowed way down in my stomach.  Every time I would start to worry, she would kick, but I still felt that she had gone from a gymnast to sleeping all the time.  On Thursday, June 7th, I didn't feel her all day long.  I ate something sugary, rested, poked, and anything else I could think of to get her to move around.  Finally early afternoon I went to the Labor and Delivery at the hospital.
  At the hospital, they hooked me up to a nonstress test and did an ultrasound.  Her heartbeat looked good and the nurses didn't seem too concerned.  The ultrasound technician made a note that the baby didn't make any large movements while she was performing the ultrasound.  My doctor had me discharged from the hospital and told me to call her office the next morning.  After being at the hospital, I felt much better about the whole situation.
  That night was date night for my husband and I, so we headed out to dinner and to a movie.  We watched our first 3D movie--The Avengers.  I still didn't feel the baby move during the movie, which seemed strange since it is so loud in the theatre. 
  The next morning, Friday, June 8th, I called my doctor's office and they had me come in for another ultrasound.  During this ultrasound I started to get very concerned, because the technician couldn't get the baby to move either.  I was sent to the hospital and hooked up again to the non stress test.  By 3:00 in the afternoon, the doctor came in to let me know that they thought they should take the baby by c-section.
  Baby Adalyn was born on Friday, June 8th at 4:58 p.m.  She weighed 5 lbs. 3 oz. and was 18 1/2 inches long.  The first thing I noticed about her was her full head of dark hair.  Shortly after she was born she was transported to a larger hospital's NICU half an hour away because of breathing issues.  Because of the c-section, I still had to stay at the hospital for a few more days. 
  Not getting to see my little angel was so hard.  Especially hearing how everyone else got to see her.  Luckily her daddy could stay with her and could give me updates and send me pictures.  And the good news was that everytime I was given a report, she always seem to be improving.
To be continued.............


A Full Plate

My creativity is about to explode.  We have had our house on the market for about 6 months now, which meant that we rented a storage unit to put a bunch of our belongings--most of which are my craft supplies and items from my etsy store.  Lately I feel that I'm about to go crazy because I don't have an outlet for all of my creativity.  The baby has about 2 more months before she makes her appearance.  I would love to use my creative juices for the baby room, but we are in transition right now.  We have the house we currently live in on the market.  We were suppose to close on it in 2 weeks, but the contract fell through. We just never know how long we will be living in this home. 

I would love to move into our other home, but so much work still has to be done on it.  Jake, my husband, is remodeling our 2nd home is just about to finish the rough in plumbing.  He still needs to have inspectors come, duct work done, floors sanded and redone, drywall hung--mudded--painted, trim work done, kitchen cabinets built, etc.  Well you get the picture.  Not even close to ready to move in to.  Hopefully it is much sooner than later!


And One On The Way

YEAH!! We are pregnant. Baby on the way, but of course it won't be here until July. So much has been going on in J and me's life. 

We have bought another house that we are remodeling and have our other house on the market. We still have months of work left to do, but are hoping we can get it finished before the baby gets here. Also, we are looking forward to selling our current house, so that we can use the money to fix up the newest one. I will post before pictures and progression pictures soon. It is still in rough condition. It is funny, but I wrote about the house that we are redoing in a post from a couple of years ago. We went to look at it and I fell in love with it, but we didn't buy it for another year. We completely gutted it and are slowly putting back the pictures.

Baby on the way is so exciting, because it will be our first child. In two weeks we find out if we are having a boy/girl. Well at least hopefully the baby will cooperate. I just can't wait for the baby to get here. It feels like I have already been pregnant forever, but I'm only at 18 weeks. More to come later......