And One On The Way

YEAH!! We are pregnant. Baby on the way, but of course it won't be here until July. So much has been going on in J and me's life. 

We have bought another house that we are remodeling and have our other house on the market. We still have months of work left to do, but are hoping we can get it finished before the baby gets here. Also, we are looking forward to selling our current house, so that we can use the money to fix up the newest one. I will post before pictures and progression pictures soon. It is still in rough condition. It is funny, but I wrote about the house that we are redoing in a post from a couple of years ago. We went to look at it and I fell in love with it, but we didn't buy it for another year. We completely gutted it and are slowly putting back the pictures.

Baby on the way is so exciting, because it will be our first child. In two weeks we find out if we are having a boy/girl. Well at least hopefully the baby will cooperate. I just can't wait for the baby to get here. It feels like I have already been pregnant forever, but I'm only at 18 weeks. More to come later......

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