A Full Plate

My creativity is about to explode.  We have had our house on the market for about 6 months now, which meant that we rented a storage unit to put a bunch of our belongings--most of which are my craft supplies and items from my etsy store.  Lately I feel that I'm about to go crazy because I don't have an outlet for all of my creativity.  The baby has about 2 more months before she makes her appearance.  I would love to use my creative juices for the baby room, but we are in transition right now.  We have the house we currently live in on the market.  We were suppose to close on it in 2 weeks, but the contract fell through. We just never know how long we will be living in this home. 

I would love to move into our other home, but so much work still has to be done on it.  Jake, my husband, is remodeling our 2nd home is just about to finish the rough in plumbing.  He still needs to have inspectors come, duct work done, floors sanded and redone, drywall hung--mudded--painted, trim work done, kitchen cabinets built, etc.  Well you get the picture.  Not even close to ready to move in to.  Hopefully it is much sooner than later!

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