Adalyn in the NICU

  As soon as I was released from the hospital, I traveled to the other hospital to finally hold my new baby girl.  Oh my gosh what a feeling.  I couldn't believe that little angel was my baby.  She was so precious, but it hurt so much to see her hooked up to so much stuff. 
  When I arrived the NICU nurses were so welcoming and let me get my baby out to hold her.  She had tons of wires hanging off of her (heart monitors, breathing monitors, feeding tube, etc.).  She was so tiny and so beautiful.  I never knew how much love I could have for one human being.  It was the greatest feeling in the world and still is. 
  The next two weeks consisted of me getting up in the mornings, trying to complete a few chores at home, then traveling to the hospital where I would sit all day long.  At the hospital I would try to breastfeed her every three hours, pump, and then hold her while the actual feeding tube fed her.  We had to let her practice feeding and for the most part it just wore her out too much.  In the evenings, my husband would meet me at the hospital when he got off of work, where we would spend time with her and eat dinner.  He usually left to work on the renovations on our new house (this is a whole other post).  I would stay until 9 or 10 at night and then go home, where I would see my husband for maybe an hour before bed and the next day we would do it all over again.
  All I wanted was to take Adalyn home and be able to snuggle with her anytime I wanted.  It got really stressful always being around all of those people and trying to put on a happy face.  I broke down and cried many times, but luckily always when I was alone.  It was also really hard only getting to see my husband for about 2 hours each day.  By the end of it, I was so happy to start a new routine.
  Adalyn's goal was to be able to eat, digest, keep her own temperature up, and breath all on her own before she could come home from the hospital.  Everyday Ady got closer to her goal.  We were so fortunate that she always continued to improve and never seemed to fall back behind.  We heard stories from many about how long their little ones had been in the NICU and it really made us appreciate how lucky we were. 
  Finally 2 weeks and 1 day after Adalyn's birth, we got to bring her home from the hospital.  What an amazing and scary as hell time.
To be continued.............

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