Meadow Lane Downstairs Bedrooms -- Flashback Friday

When we first moved in to Meadow Lane, Jake and I lived in these two bedrooms until we could get the rest of the house finished.  We had a bed in one and a couch in the other.  We had a fridge and a microwave and that is how we lived for months. 


Meadow Lane was really dirty when we moved in and it is obvious that it hadn't been updated in a very long time.


The blue room is my all time favorite paint color.  It looked so good in this room, because of all the natural light.  I actually used the same blue color in our new home in my craft room and the laundry room.  I have found that the color needs natural light, because it looks like a dirty green color in my laundry room that has no windows.  It is crazy how colors can look so different depending on the light source.

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