Meadow Lane Upstairs Bathroom -- Flashback Friday Edition 2

Upstairs at Meadow Lane, the bathroom was dirty and disgusting.  Continuing to look at the green tiles and toilet lid was not an option for us.  Next to the bathroom, there was a door that led into a small hallway with a window at the end.  We decided to take out the wall between the two.  In order to put in a dual vanity, we took out the two windows.  We put in a sky light to make up for the natural light lost.


Jake built the vanity, so that it could fit at an angle.  We decided to tile the top with a white travertine.  The actual vanity was painted a dark brown, which contrast with the light tiles.  The shower and floor tiles are in between the dark brown and white. 

The shower curtain, I made out of curtain panels from Pier 1.  I just loved that you can see through them, but not completely which allows some light in.  The mirror wraps around the top of the vanity which reflects the light from the skylight. 


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