Moved In With Big Changes

We are finally in our house!  Yeah!  It is still a work in progress, but aren't most homes.  At least we are out of the apartment--no room for creativity there and you know how I love to be working on projects. 

I am currently a teacher and school is almost out for this year--2 more weeks.  I will not be going back in the fall, so I can stay home with little miss Adalyn.  Crazy excited to spend more time with her!!

She is almost a year old and we are party planning.  It will be such a gift to get our family together and celebrate her big ONE!

We also have so many projects or rooms that we are working on.  The one I am most excited about at the moment is my new craft room.  All the floors in the house have been refinished on the main floor and carpeted in the upstairs.  My craft room has the original beat up floors--which I love, so we are working on cleaning and clear coating them.  I just want it done so I can start organizing all of my goodies!!

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